I'm Shilpa Shah

Life Coach & Mentor for Women Leaders

Do you feel stuck in your career or relationships?

Have you lost confidence in yourself?

Do you feel anxious, procrastinate or overthink decisions?

Are you weighed down by past experiences or anxious about the future?

90% of successful women can get stuck sometimes and,

It’s okay to reach out for a little help from a coach/mentor.

Having a coach /mentor and learning handpicked tools gives you more independence and confidence to resolve your own challenges and enables you to lead others in your life .. in business, education, therapy, parenting or managing others.

Women have actually forgotten how to support each other and the intense times we live in can make us feel blocked and uncertain about how to resolve things and find our way back to who we really are. Life is a journey and we can lose sight of what we want while we are busy serving others… And we can become unclear of the STEPS to get to where we know we could be.

To get different results you need to take new, different action and that can be scary. Which is why so many successful female leaders choose to work with an experienced and highly skilled coach & mentor to help them rise to the next level. The women who get what they want in life also have learnt practical tools and skills to develop and focus their mindset and to manage their emotions. They learn ways to free themselves of past burdens, retell their story and have a vision for their future career, relationships, health, finances and spiritual life.

An experienced long term coach/mentor who has “been there”, can support you on your journey AND train you in all the tools she knows can get you skyrocketing results. 

Having a coach /mentor AND learning handpicked tools gives you more independence and confidence to resolve your own challenges and enables you to LEAD others on your life .. in business, education, therapy, parenting  or managing others.

This is a RARE combination of intensive personal growth with a coach who will ensure you take actions in life as well as equipping yourself with AMAZING tools for transformation and healing .. well, it’s the bomb! 😊👑

Shilpa’s 1-1 Program Enables You To


Discover your inner limitations including your doubts, fears and thinking patterns


Detox your mental and emotional system


Resolve the past experiences that hold you back


Clarify and enhance your vision in career, relationship, health, finance and or personal life


Learn practical life skills for maintaining emotional wellness and mental freshness


Create successful positive healthy relationships


Work & live authentically and in a way that is TRUE to yourself


Sustain yourself long term


Communicate excellently and with confidence

Why Shilpa

Over 28 Years Of Experience

I have been teaching for 28 years and am a certified Secondary School Teacher and a Trainer of other Coaches

Exceed Expectations

Working with Shilpa has allowed 95% of her clients to have their expectations EXCEEDED

Trained To The Highest Levels

In Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line TherapyTM, Hypnotherapy, Trauma Healing Work & Quantum Coaching.

Imagine yourself…

Having the success, confidence and happiness you always dreamed of
Enjoying an empowered mindset and a healed and resolved past
A bold confident resourceful and feminine woman leader who is able to hear and follow her intuition and to lead herself and impact others positively
Confident with your own set of resources and skills for LIFE
Communicating with and influencing those around you in an empowering way that is win win
Becoming a woman who “walks her talk”, maintain boundaries, is respected and carefree

About Shilpa

I can get you the results that no other coach can because I am trained at the highest levels in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line TherapyTM, Hypnotherapy, Trauma Healing Work & Quantum Coaching.

I have worked with over 10,000 clients in UK, Thailand, Tanzania, South Africa, USA, Australia and Kenya

I have done the work myself including TOTAL recovery from depression, healed from a toxic narcissistic/ codependent marriage of 10 years, experienced bullying in the workplace, recovered from traumatic    c-section delivery of my baby, full on burnout and Hashimoto’s Auto-Immune Disorder,.. and I do have a success story or two to share with you!

Client Feedback

“Shilpa is an incredible and an amazing Life Coach and a trainer. She helped me to really go from burnout to really getting clarity with my life. If you are really looking to get breakthrough in your life. I really recommend you to get Shilpa Shah as your life coach. She knows how to give you that life you always wanted. Thank you for your Coaching.”

Hodan Mohamed, Founder at Dodilion Success

“Shilpa coached me when I was at the peak of my career and yet felt depressed and burnt out. She empowered me to seek my purpose in life. She helped me manage my emotions by clearing some of my deep rooted blocks and gave me strategies to deal with issues I faced. The best concept I learned through her that changed my life is that of Self Love! I would recommend her to anybody who is looking for growth and change in your current situation! Love you, Shilpa :)”

Rashmi Yadav, Director at Panache Management Ltd

“Shilpa is a remarkable facilitator and I have had the pleasure of attending multiple trainings that Shilpa has led. In particular, her NLP training was absolute, enlightening and comprehensive and she is an engaging and remarkable storyteller. I highly recommend her trainings and coaching services.”

Jennifer Gray, Empowerment Coach

“Shilpa is a true master of coaching in Management, human communication and life coaching development. Her easy-going style is complimented by her proven technique and broad knowledge base. Shilpa was a wonderful guide through my exploration of improving the personal and professional relationships in my life. She helped and made me feel comfortable sharing my challenges. Her insight was very valuable as I began to increase my awareness of how I impact the results of Management and leadership in both my organization and personal life. Shilpa passion and commitment towards helping people be more effective is very apparent. Thank you for passing it on”

Bisharo Ali hussein, Protection Associate UNHCR

Coaching Resources & Blogs

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