Step 3 – The Inner Mean Quiz

There’s a very special handout in this upload for you – the “QUIZ”

For those of you that feel called to go deeper or to work with me directly here’s a video that explains how this program of self discovery fits in with with the Personal Evolution Program.

I facilitate a longer program called The Personal, Evolution Program. It’s any woman who feels overwhelmed, weighed down by her past and anxious about the future. It aims to accelerate your personal growth and advance your communication & leadership skills. It’s all about re-finding the carefree YOU! 🥰

I hope by now you’re dying know which archetypes you have?

I recommend printing this out or putting it onto a big screen.

Welcome to Step 3! Grab your pen, you’ll need to sit down.

When I discovered my main archetypes, I was really amazed. And it also sucked 😕 because it was like looking at my flaws that I didn’t really want to see !

I had to face myself in the mirror, and begin to let go … I had to reassess so many things in my life even things that I loved, I knew I had to let go of, resolve internally .. or I would end up with something worse than the autoimmune disease that I had been diagnosed with. 😖

I learnt so much about my inner mean girls and over the years, I have been managing them, retraining them using all the NLP tools I know to work towards my self-care, self encouragement, self-acceptance and self-appreciation. I had to say a lot of nos! 🤓

Nowadays, they help me to eat better, sleep better, keep balance, slow down, smell the flowers and enjoy my life that much more!

Once you have done the quiz DM me on WhatsApp for the quiz scoring sheet.

I will zip you the scoring instructions .. and you’ll need to do some sums.

Get ready to really look at your patterns…

Make sure you’re on the Superpower Circle ⭕️ where we will be sharing about our inner mean girls .. and to ensure you don’t miss a thing!

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Here’s the pdf download again:

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