Quiz link – The Inner Mean Scoring system

Let’s get to know these mean girls better!

Grab your pen, you’ll need to sit down for this. Print off PDF handout

Add up your scores and share with me all the group. Your main archetypes.

1. Do you agree with the ?

2. How do you know that these patterns do affect you?

3. How is it a problem for you?

4. Where and when do they show up??

5. Where and when do they NOT show up?

I salute you for daring to “find your brave”. A brave woman dares to look within and through the mud, chaos and darkness. She dives deep , and even though it’s scary, she knows there are diamonds and rubies and beautiful things down there that she can bring up again when she rises and evolves. Integrates her patterns and demons, she has these shiny gems to adorn her crown. 👑

We’ll chat soon about what you’ve discovered! 🥰

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