✈️Have you ever been to Norway? In the winter? I was so pleasantly surprised by how multicultural my experience was- well it was indeed an international conference .. yet even the locals included Indonesians and Africans and a Pakistani lady who had lived there over 18 years!

❄️The other thing that surprised everyone was how cold I did NOT feel – the -3 temperature was actually refreshing.. and no I am not having hot flashes 🤣not yet anyway!

🙏🏽I am grateful for the opportunity to have met and facilitated a leadership workshop for 103 professionals and senior staff of various organisations and companies across the globe. Very humbled and after 25 years of doing this work I can say I do love my work and can finally really be ME.. even when in front of large groups. It has been a journey.

👩🏽And none of this ever came naturally. I was a shy child until encouraged to dance in stage and express myself non-verbally.. being a highly sensitive person I set myself up for lots of possibility for “feedback – including criticism and continual evaluations by strangers”

🦋Why oh why? I could have hidden as a Librarian or behind a desk. Yet my soul called me out into the public repeatedly. And I grew..

And I am thankful for the journey to date..

🐾What’s your journey?

🐾What stretched you out of your comfort zone?

🐾How did you handle criticism?

🐾What can you now be proud of?

🐾What dreams are still remaining to be fulfilled?

I invite you to take a moment and reflect, process your journey.

And I congratulate you for all that you have survived and achieved no matter how humble or great.

You are YOU and life will keep inviting you to grow..

👍🏽Take a bold step today! You will be thankful later that you braved it!

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