Dear Friends,

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you all!

And I know this is EASIER said than done – the “happy” part!!!

A week ago I realised the year had raced past. December already?? what? how? I was a little under the weather and felt I couldn’t digest it all. Within just over a year two dear sweet friends had tragically lost their spouses. I was beginning to question a lot about the meaning of all these life changes.. and started to feel quite depressed.

It was overwhelming, I thought about the things I hadn’t yet done, I felt unsure if my choices were the right ones,  I couldn’t even remember the good stuff or nor recognise my own achievements. I certainly didn’t want to “celebrate” JUST because its supposed to be the festive season! I became skeptical and self-doubting – and dreaded what would be looming ahead… because I was absolutely unable to see the big picture of the past 12 months, let alone “make goals” for 2019! Yikes!

Then I remembered that I have the most amazing tool, which I use annually.

So i I took myself into the garden with my big coloured markers and lots of flipchart paper and the magic began!

Through this beautiful coaching process I began to see all the miracles that I have encountered.. all the events and people that I needed to let go of and forgive. I allowed myself to come out of the numb state I was in and with compassion for myself I felt all the joy and all the sorrow that I had stuffed inside. I admired all the skills I had gained even if aquired through challenging uncomfortable situations – and I saw clearly all the pleasant and unplanned surprises.. I even heard the voices of all the amazing people who have encouraged and supported me directly and indirectly.

This is truly a gift and a skill worth having… I am so happy to have it… in NLP we call it “reframing”, other people call it “harvesting” .. and by using various coaching techniques we can permanently resolve the unfathomable, we can clean up our negative thoughts and feelings,  we can clearly set our vision in the part of our minds that control 90% of our behaviour.. we can become still, present, connected and whole again – even when everything around us has been chaotic.. YES!

This is indeed a gift worth sharing with others and who best to facilitate it than someone called a Life Coach?!! Aha! I can show you the HOW of having a “Happy” New Year… for last year and this year!!

So, from my own gloomy miserable day arose my latest offer direct from my heart to yours…

I am offering to SEVEN  people only: individual coaching sessions online at $299 only!

The special session includes a reflection worksheet and a personalised 60 minute session to work on whatever we find is your first step towards a more peaceful, happy, healthy and amazing year ahead.

Available to the first 7 people to enrol only.

Applications by email only:  [email protected]
🌈 Shilpa 0722756606

Shilpa Shah
Certified NLP Trainer, Master NLP & Quantum Life Coach, Facilitator & Management Trainer
Inside Out Consultancy, Nairobi, Kenya  Mobile: +254 722 756606 

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