Message from my client who came to me in a hot mess of tears and fear.. in overwhelm and anxiety. She has now pronounced herself a “dare devil” woo hoo!!

This makes my day!!

How cool is that?!

This process I used is called Time Line Therapy TM and it’s not just my business, not just my passion – it’s what saved me from taking anti – depressants and going into depression myself. I had list my job, been bullied, has an ex husband who manipulated me and cheated on me 9 times, I didn’t know WHO I was..

And yet know, hell yeah I can say I took charge of myself and changed from the inside out. Not by “luck” not by meeting the right people, not by magic but through a simple and most powerful proven science of the mind. HOW to learn and change the mechanics of your mind, therefore your thoughts, actions and reality.

I spent the last 13 or so years dedicated to improving my skills and knowledge in this field. I went to Australia and the USA and learnt from the best teachers from Germany and Holland. Not that these countries are superior .. but because it’s not widespread in Ke ya. It’s not easily available.

Let’s learn it in Kenya let’s share it in Kenya. Let our communities and country learn how to think our if the box and make things better ..

I love what I do which is coaching. However I am one human being. So my dream is to teach YOU the skills and the “secrets” so that you too can empower your life and others lives.. one beautiful mind at a time!

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