Shilpa just delivered a 2 day workshop for MLC Kindergarten Teachers and Head Teacher… It was really inspiring!

The tailor made workshop had the following objectives:

– know more about how communication works (using NLP models)

– have learnt and practised some techniques for smoother delegation of work and resolving conflicts

– have gained skills in giving feedback to others (colleagues as well as students)

– have experienced some tools for facilitating participatory meetings and brainstorming

– have revisited and understood better MLCs values

– have applied some coaching and goal setting techniques to support your team mates

– have set yourself a SMART goal and gained some insights about achieving it



So what’s the difference between Criticism and Feedback?




Some drama to internalise the new technique “Interaction Feedback”

– showing how it’s not to be done as well as how to do it well!!




It was Shilpa’s birthday – I spent it doing what I love to do – train and inspire others! What a lovely surprise they gave me with a cake and lots of singing and flowers and a huge card!! WOW!



And Zahra’s new definition of NLP – love it!


Unleashing creativity and refreshing our Mission, Vision and Core Values through art and groupwork


So which group made the best poster and presentation?



Cake for Shilpa – yummy!! Thank you MLC teachers – I had the best birthday with you all!!

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