What is “Emotional Fitness”?

What is “Emotional Fitness”?

Emotional fitness is a state of mind where you are able to maintain a stream of positive thoughts and thus be able to focus on creative and constructive tasks. It is recommended that one maintain their emotional fitness as it is the key to all aspects of our lives.

So how do you do harness emotional fitness?

There are a few tools I use. The first is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which was brought to the world by Gary Craig. The second is Timeline Therapy, an amazing technique created by Tad James. Lastly, I often meditate. My favourite two methods are the Wholeness Meditation by Schinta Abhavaratn and the Chakra Mediation by Deepak Chopra.

Hereeft_tapping_points is how you can use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to maintain your emotional fitness. EFT is all about tapping or massaging acupressure points on your head, face, and upper body. Tapping these pressure points, while deep breathing and repeating affirming statements welcomes a desired emotion or belief that you are resisting.

Did you know that an emotion is simply energy in motion?  And imagine that this motion simply flows through us if we were not afraid or resistant to it.  EFT works on your invisible body, what the Chinese call meridians. EFT works quickly to calm someone down or to change their mood within a few minutes.

EFT provided emotional support where I did not think there was any. When I was pregnant, our housekeeper passed away tragically in a road accident. I was incredibly shocked and traumatized. My friend suggested I do EFT. And through tapping, my intense emotional distress and shock reduced from a rating of 9/10 (extreme crying and panic, etc.) right down to 3/10 (where I could actually think straight about how I could assist his family with their immediate needs).

For a few weeks, I repeated the technique at least twice a day. The process provided me the emotional fitness to weather the storm. By being emotionally fit, I am aware, tuned in to my needs and others and able to flow with life’s ups and downs positively.

Everyone is different, so everyone will gravitate to different methods on finding one’s emotional fitness. The point is, we all need to find balance. Life has its shocks and awe, with your processes in hand, you can handle whatever comes forth!

I facilitate workshops in Emotional Fitness and Stress Management and also coach people individually on balancing their emotions. Let me know how I can get you and yours emotionally balanced.