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Dear Friends,

  • Do you find it hard to stay consistently positive and happy?
  • Do some events or people upset, irritate or hurt you?
  • Do you ever wonder why life is not going the way you want it to?

How many minds do we have?

Well some of you may know that we really are creating our reality.. whether we like it or not! Actually we are by default on “automatic pilot” mode and we are NOT in the drivers seat of our lives.

They say we have two minds, a conscious one and an unconscious one. The one we use most to make decisions, set goals and decide our future is the conscious one. eg. I will get fit, stop eating junk, meditate every morning or quit my job. The unconscious mind is a minefield of empowering resources as well as limitations and negative emotions such as fear and doubt etc

Now should the two minds we have engage in battle – have you ever experienced that inner conflict, a dilemma or simple indecisiveness? Well should they conflict.. guess which mind will win hands down? Thats right.. its the unconscious mind.. it wins 9 times out of 10!

So the question I kept asking myself is “Why didn’t they teach us this at school?” and “how come they never taught us how to handle our two minds, our strong emotions, our thought patterns? I still ask and I am still wondering…

Whats an empowering mindset?

Wondering is actually a key principle – when we get very curious about ourselves, our behaviours, about why we do what we do and HOW we can get into that driver’s seat of ours and take control so that WE can win the battle, we can walk our talk and we can get what we want in our career, finance, relationship, health and personal life!

Why am I writing this to you?

The tools and tips I will be offering you are not intended to give you a full overhaul or a detox of the past.. nor are they intended to fully resolve your biggest issues.. I usually offer full breakthrough coaching programs in person for that kind of work as some of you know!

However these exercises that i suggest may indeed give you a drip drip effect.. they may just inspire you to think differently about a situation, they might give you an insight, or remind you that the problem isn’t as big as you have made it.

I call this update Small but Mighty” because sometimes these small exercises or actions or break in a thought pattern can actually have a huge effect. You see we often use 80% effort and it brings 20% results, yet a smaller 20% of new, insightful, different activity and effort could actually bring 80% of the results! Confused?.. thats perfect.. confusion and curiosity are the first steps to accessing your biggest “lean mean learning machine” ie your unconcious mind – the awareness of which and communication with allows us to access all our unlimited sources of help, our inner manual to life and our inner wisdom.

Are you ready to get into the driver’s seat of your life?

If you are unsure of where to start with your journey of self-discovery and empowerment here’s a clue:

First Child: “How do you eat an elephant?”

Second Child: “One bite at a time!”

First Child: “But where do i start?”

Second Child: “You can start anywhere.. just START!”

Where can I start?

In coaching the first thing we often do is set a SMART goal ….Smart goals and GROW model I am attaching a worksheet – just click on the orange/underlined phrases to access resources..so this exercise is one you can easily go through by yourself or with a buddy. It could be in response to an area of your life where you would like to improve things – pick something easy and within your control. Let me know how that goes..If you feel overwhelmed, here is a cute video that shows you how to break things down to manageable more chunks

If you are already a frequent goal setter and once you are familiar with the SMART goal setting method you can also program this into your unconscious mind.. if you send me a whatsapp message +254 722 756606 I will send you an audio with a guided recording of my voice. That way you can plant your goal into your future…

I have had several clients and students asking me questions recently about success, prosperity, inner conflict and failure. I highly recommend you watch these inspiring free online video links.. perhaps they will inspire you to set some goals and start taking action. See you at the next update! IF you have specific questions that you would like me to answer please do email me at [email protected]

List of inspiring videos/audios online about Success and Prosperity:

Will Smith talking about success – listen to how he handles his unconscious mind and what empowering beliefs he holds about himself

Audio by Louise Hay on Prosperity – many women tell me they are looking for more financial prosperity

Journalling Tasks:

Do you feel like some self-discovery about people that annoy, irritate you or stress you out? I often use the Work by Byron Katie to help clients loosen up their strong judgements.. these are again just limiting you from achieving fulfilling relationships in your life.. so isn’t it worth a try…?

Do other people trigger you? Here’s a free Book by Byron Katie – there are journalling exercises which will help you discover what is unresolved in yourself.. and how to loosen up your judgements that cause you stress.. try it out!

Tools for letting go of negative emotions or doubts

Do you have a lot of negative emotions or doubts? Try tapping them out with Nick Ortner

My personal experience 

Now for the juicy and controversial part about goal setting… and my personal story… I used to think life “happened to me”, I was in a difficult relationship and marriage for nearly 10 years. I thought my husband would change but realised he wouldn’t and it took me a long time to find the strength to leave him. What helped me actually was Neuro Linguistic Programming and Life Coaching – that allowed me to re-build my life and move on from post divorce separation.

I was very actively setting goals especially as I was learning the art and became a life coach myself … so once i got very fluent with setting and achieving goals my life was all ship shape and in order and i became successful at creating my future.

There was a lot of other work apart from goal setting and thats where the other 101 tools of life coaching, NLP and Time Line Therapy (R) Techniques were super handy.

However, despite the success i experienced I actually got BORED.. yes can you imagine.. bored. Because yes, reality would arrive exactly how i had shaped it.. but there was no magic, no surprise and no delight…

No doubt the journey has been truly wonderful as I unravel and integrate the obstacles that any dynamic person or seeker tends to find… i have learnt so much about myself that it has become more exciting than international travel.. seriiously!!

But i still was left wondering.. isn’t there more to life than just designing it? and how come i still feel a little “flat”?  I researched further,  I managed to have a really magical and enlightening bucket list trip to Japan and I also attended some magical workshops and as I continuted this journey I had some HUGE insights… and I will share these in my update NEXT MONTH!!!

I will also share more tools and answer any questions that you have…

With love and all my best wishes for your personal evolution,


PS: if this update is not interesting to you please do feel free to unsubscribe – there should be a link at the bottom of the email. I won’t take offence at all, promise! The inner work of self-discovery and empowerment is not for everyone and my style also may not apply to your needs. Thank you in advance.


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